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Christian Gerlach

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"Your Inherent Beauty"

14th October 2019
"Your inherent beauty" by Christian Gerlach, the fourth track off of NovaFuture Recordings' first Sampler “Transition to Another Place”, is finally getting its digital release.

Christian Gerlach made a name for himself as a well-versed Techno producer with releases on labels like Arts and Oktave Records, but has also proven his curatorial skills and great taste with his own label, Lanthan.Audio.

After contributing a DJ mix showcasing material of his label, "Your inherent Beauty" is now part of NovaFuture Recordings first wave of releases. The deep, atmospheric track is moved along by pumping, but understated kicks and percussion elements, providing direction, while metallic synth sounds and choral, thick pads create a dense ambiance and give the track an affective, emotional quality.